About Us

RC microAircrafts is a repository of information about the use of Radio Control Micro Aircraft (drones in some cases) via links, videos, pictures and publications including guidelines for safe operation.

We recognize all the Niche business solutions required by SME companies in using UAV's and be the top Solution provider in the country.

Our approach is unique in that we design the UAV based on business need of the potential customer so our posturing is CRITICAL because we approach the market on a very small low cost scale

We know enough to articulate to customer what we can experiment with based on what they tell us then what we know we CAN deliver including after sale product and service support.

We aspire to establish an awareness that the UAV represents only half the product. The other half is the technical support and continued upgrades for on-board software and equipment.

Another key objective is to be a Primary Source of UAV / Drone Industry Training, Research, Certifications, listing Schools and Universities that specialize in this field. Informative listing of all companies globally who manufacture, sell, use, supply of unmanned equipment in ALL industries.

You will also find in our site Jobs and Career Search in the UAV / Drone Industry.


  • Single User Startups
  • Small & Medium Sized Companies
  • Enterprise


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